So kind of you to ask! I’d like to keep this short and sweet so in a nutshell … I am a writer, nature lover and freelance journalist. I am also a bit obsessed with taking close-up photos of flowers.

Writing has been the single thread that held my career diversity together and I am now pleased that I can focus on this passion solely. Check out my martial arts blog Junbi and my writing blog Stories in Ten Tweets. My ventures in freelance journalism have led me to re-discover my passion for photographing flowers and you can now purchase my prints from fineartamerica and view my Tote bags at L’art Du Tote.

My studies have also taken me into the realms of medical microbiology, information management and project management and I am a genetic counselling supporter. You can find my (currently dormant) Genetic Counselling blog here.

We left the spectacular city of Cape Town in South Africa to live in the beautiful East Sussex countryside for three years and have now relocated again to sunny California. I live with my inspirational husband and my two loving and energetic young children and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Vanessa Lee Thomas


20 comments on “About

  1. Wow! Well done! So very proud to say that I ‘know’ you. You are an inspiration and your pics have certainly ‘piqued my interest and stirred my imagination.’ Thank you : )

  2. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. Beautiful photos ! Looking forward to see more of those amazing photos.

      • I was thinking that your photos are so realistic that it just miss the smell…. Maybe on the next decade the science (a second thing that we have on common: I am research technician specialized in histology) will find something to share odors.
        Good evening

    • Why thank you Grace that’s really kind of you! I don’t mind accepting reader awards as long as I don’t have to do much to accept them lol! I am thrilled with the nomination. Thank you!

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